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Nassau Historical City Tour

What You Can Expect

Following pickup from your hotel in Nassau, board your climate-controlled tour vehicle and head downtown to begin your sightseeing.  At Fort Fincastle, see the brick walls dating from 1793 and cannons that once protected the island from invaders. Descend the sixty-five limestone steps of the Queen’s Staircase, built by 18th-century slaves, before continuing to Fort Charlotte. This largest of the island’s 3 forts allows stunning views of Nassau Harbor from its pinnacle.

Visit the Government House, the Parliament House and the courthouses while learning about the different governments that have controlled the Bahamas throughout history. See statues of the first Bahamian Governor-General, Sir Milo Butler and of Queen Victoria, who ruled the commonwealth for sixty-five years.  At the Straw Market, peruse local handicrafts for souvenirs like jewelry, wood carvings and products made from dried palm fronds woven together. Head for Arawak Cay to hang out with some locals at the food stalls. The area is named for the island’s original inhabitants, the Arawak Indians. Sample some traditional island food like conch fritters and conch salad (own expense).  Your final stop on the tour is a local rum cake factory. Take a tour, taste a delectable sample and possibly purchase one to take home with you. The pastries are marinated in the local Don Lorenzo rum. Your tour ends with drop-off back at your hotel after 2 hours.

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The Germiest Place on the Entire Beach

The next time you spread out your towel on a peaceful stretch of sand and settle in to catch a few rays, think–or try not to think–about this.

A new study that examined sand and seawater from Hawaiian beaches found that the sand has anywhere from 10 to 100 times higher the amount of bacteria than the water–which is basically the opposite of what we usually worry about.

Swimmers are often discouraged from going into the water on days when high levels of fecal-contaminated bacteria are found to be present. But no one really considers that there’s even more bacteria lurking in the sand, which creates a moist, dark environment that helps it thrive. Come into contact with it and you’ll be looking at a stomach bug, rashes or worse. Continue reading

Clever Outdoor Living Space at Berwick from OFTB, Melbourne

Landscape design inspiration that comes “out from the blue” is the specialty of Melbourne’s OFTB  The blend of indoor and outdoor living here makes the most of a long, narrow space and a high elevation: freeform stone walls surround a luxurious porcelain tiled lap pool and spa, with a complete outdoor “retreat” that’s inviting by day and absolutely stunning by night. Notice that lovely red glow in the lights? Look more closely and you’ll see that that red comes from a shining surface on cabinetry that cleverly hides kitchenette appliances: a built-in barbecue, sink, and fridge are ready to help serve up food for a crowd, then recess behind smooth doors when not in use.


Also included in this plan are other amenities to help make entertaining easy: the built-in daybed and dining table and chairs are surrounded by cedar cladding for a great warm look. Other natural materials include spotted gum timber on the deck, and recycled timber tops the bench seat along the stone wall (with a convenient powder room and shower included, this “outdoor” area is almost a guest suite!) Sturdy steel posts hold the fencing; lawn and garden beds provide great “green” visual interest and contribute to privacy screening. And recessed pot lights in the cedar “roof” and up-lighting spots around the shrubbery give the space a special ambience after dark, perfect for moonlight swims or pool parties. It all ties together in a harmonious, cohesive, and inviting whole: not bad for something “out from the blue.” Continue reading

Have you been to Tanzania?

Probably, you have never experience any of the unique adventures from your trips, Tanzania might be the best safari destination where you will be able to see how women wearing Khanga or African prints, also French fries are no longer called French fries but “Chips yai”, also children are dancing happily with their barefoot around the street.

If you plan to explore the world with the new experience, Jovago Tanzania would like to share the unique history, culture and nature that can never be found anywhere in the world.

When visiting a foreign country, you would definitely need to experience unique features. Let’s say you’ll need to see the distinct features of the mountains. So why not visiting more than 20’s volcanic Mountains in Tanzania, like Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa!

Also, if you love nature and history, You can visit the most important paleoanthropological sites in the world “Olduvai Gorge”, this is the only valuable site for human evolution’s history found in Tanzania, the place where you could learn and enjoy the nature of Great Rift Valley and the Serengeti Plains in Arusha region.

Tanzania’s way of life is a delightful mix of influences of more than 120 tribes. It is one of the most culturally diverse country in the world from the unique tribes like the Maasai, Hadzabe bushmen, the great tribe Sukuma, Makonde, Chaga and many others detached  on their own way of life style. Continue reading


1) Good Weather application: According to ESET blog, programmers have weaponized the Android climate application by making it a trojan, equipped for contaminating your telephone with the managing an account malware Trojan.Android/Spy.Banker.HU. Once the application is downloaded, the malware can bolt, open, and capture writings from your gadget.

2) GO Locker: The application guarantees to be a more secure bolt screen than your telephone worked in screen, but since it approaches your screen, it requires essentially every consent accessible from your area to access to your instant messages. In spite of the fact that it doesn’t have promoting libraries introduced, it sends your data to outsider application stores which are considerably less secure than Google Play.

3) Camera360: This camera instrument guarantees to include more camera modes, restrictive channels, free distributed storage, facial acknowledgment programming, ongoing “touch-ups”, and more highlights without any advertisements. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have any advertisement focusing on libraries, it gathers a great deal of data from your gadget and furthermore contains the Baidu web search tool worked in. Baidu is China’s Google equal and oddly enough, it can kill your WiFi on and utilizing this application. Continue reading