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Israel Just Attacked an IRANIAN Military base

Israeli aircraft attacked an Iranian base outside of Damascus according to media reports in Syria.

“In the past, Israel has reportedly carried out attacks against Syrian convoys and installations, in order to prevent Syria from transferring sophisticated weapons to Iran’s local proxy Hezbollah,” the Jerusalem Post reported Saturday.

“Opinion Is Iran really a threat to Israel from Syria? Israeli planes struck an Iranian basenear the Syrian capital of Damascus with surface-to-air missiles, pro-Assad news outlets reported on Friday night,” Haaretz had reported.

The site (below/image) of a reported Iranian military compound in Al-Kiswa, Syria, January, 2017. Airbus, McKenzie Intelligence Services via BBC


The reported Iranian compound (below) in Al-Kiswa, with new structures completed, October, 2017.Digital Globe, McKenzie Intelligence Services via BBC

The Israeli aircraft carried out an attack reportedly from Lebanese airspace. The reports said that anti-aircraft missiles were fired on the plane in retaliation.

Recently, Israeli officials have said that the IDF would not allow Iran to establish a military foothold within 40 Kilometers of the border.



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