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These are 10 things that are not allowed in Saudi Arabia

One has been released from a British prison Saudi Arabia after being jailed for possession of alcohol. Saudi Arabia is a country where the constitution is based on the Qur’an, so if people have trouble with the law is because they have violated any rules written in the Quran.

However, this is the list of things you are not allowed to do in Saudi Arabia:

1) Films porn

Having pornographic movies on the handset, tablet or computer can cause serious problems in Saudi Arabia. Even illustrations of various clothing of people, especially women, are banned.

2) to photograph buildings

If you think that when you go on holiday you’re allowed to shoot all the time, you are very wrong. Photography of government buildings, military bases and buildings is prohibited.

Also you should not photograph local people without their permission, and never point the camera of women.

3) Eating bread, drinking water or liquids and smoking in public are forbidden

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and this means that we should fast for 4 weeks. Therefore it is forbidden to eat, drink anything, including smoking during Ramadan.

4) Sandwich with pork products

Saudi Arabia has banned the import of pork products, so make foods include pork is forbidden.

5) It is forbidden to wear red on Valentine’s Day

It is reported that the shops of flowers and gifts are forbidden to sell red roses, or any product with heart-shaped Valentine’s Day. It is said that this ‘holiday’ is not an Islamic party and can divert people.

6) Going to the movies

If you want to see the last film of James Bond movie or whatever, then it is forbidden. It is said that watching films in cinema can make marital couples have problems with them because of different scenes, and is therefore prohibited.

7) Learning any instrument in school

Piano always looks beautiful on any CV. But musical lectures are prohibited in public forums and so if you learn, you will have serious problems …

8) go to if you’re female fitness

If you are worried that you are overweight then you have to improvise something at home as private fitness are prohibited for women.

9) If you are a woman driving a car

If you want to go somewhere, you definitely need to call a taxi or you send your husband having been forbidden for women to drive.

That’s because women believed that if the ride will leave the house more often and unnecessarily.

10) It is forbidden to drink while traveling to Arabia

Do not go to Saudi Arabia under the influence of alcohol and never drink on the plane. Penalties for possession or trade of alcohol are so severe as to result in imprisonment.

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